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VCA – Vimco Concrete Accessories

Our knowledgeable Sales force at Vimco has earned a solid reputation for providing the highest quality concrete accessories in the Northeast. We offer our customers from New York to Virginia a wealth of options from the concrete construction industry’s best suppliers. Vimco also offers extensive product knowledge to assist our customers in finding the right product for their applications.

North East Region

300 Hansen Access Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Phone: 610-768-0500
Fax: 610-768-0586

Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri: 6AM – 6PM
Sat: 7AM – 11AM
Sun: Closed

Mid-Atlantic Region

8870 Greenwood Place
Savage, MD 20763
Phone: 240-786-4450
Fax: 301-498-2884

Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri: 6AM – 6PM
Sat & Sun: Closed

Vapor Barriers, Insulation, Waterproofing

Popular Selling Items include:

  • waterproofers
  • waterstop
  • vinyl window
  • sealants
  • sealers
  • insulation
  • vapor barriers
  • insulating blankets

Repair/Protection: Epoxies, Grouts, Coatings

Popular Selling Items include:

  • epoxies
  • debond form release agent
  • ad mixtures
  • concrete finishers
  • grouts
  • geotextiles
  • patching compounds
  • poly film

Concrete / Steel Accessories

Popular Selling Items include:

  • rebar
  • rebar safety caps
  • flat ties
  • loop ties
  • wire mesh
  • snap ties
  • slab bolster
  • pencile rod
  • control joints

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